EMBLEM Apartment is an apartment-style hotel, allowing travellers to "live like a local" while being abroad.

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"Living as locals" is the core focus of EMBLEM Apartment Kanazawa. Our aim is to provide a comfortable, stylish, and modern stay for all of our guests. This is your home away from home.


Superb range of room types and sizes. Perfect for group travels from 3 people up to 8 people.


All of our rooms are bunk-style and feature modern chic design with comfortable beds from Simmons. Whether you are travelling in a small group of 3 or a large group of up to 8 people, we will have an option for you!


Everything you need to make yourself feel at home is right here at EMBLEM Apartment Kanazawa.


The community lounge is opened 24 hours a day with a vending machine that operates round the clock. Toaster, rice cooker, induction cooker can also be found inside the lounge for co-use. Refrigerator, washing machine, and microwave are available in certain room types.


EMBLEM Apartment sits along the Asano River and is located just 5 minutes by foot from the famous Higashichaya District.


Asano River is one of the biggest rivers in Kanazawa city.
It is also known as the "Female-River" because of its graceful flow.
From your room window, or standing right infront of the entrance of EMBLEM Apartment Kanazawa, you may enjoy the sweeping views that change beautifully with each of the four seasons.
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A vast range of F&B options, from breakfast to dinner, as well as unique events, can be found at our sister property (EMBLEM Stay Kanazawa) just a few minutes away by foot.


Our sister property, EMBLEM Stay Kanazawa is equipped with a shared kitchen, a full social bar, restaurant, and hosts regular unique events, such as cooking classes using local ingredients. We encourage all guests from EMBLEM Stay Kanazawa & EMBLEM Apartment Kanazawa to try our local menu at EMBLEM Social Bar. To get the full authentic Kanazawa experience, we also highly recommend joining the events!